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Social Media Marketing

Connect with your audience to build your brand
What is Social Media Marketing? Introduction & Pillars for a Successful Social Media Marketing


Are your patients on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter? Then your medical practice can benefit from social media marketing. In simple terms, social media marketing campaigns allow healthcare providers to reach more patients. You can do this through video content, posts, and ads. After all, social media platforms have hundreds of millions of people across the world.

And when it comes to healthcare, social media marketing can be a powerful tool for combating misinformation and promoting health awareness. With proper planning and execution, a robust social media campaign can help you promote your medical services, encourage more bookings, and share accurate health information online.

You'll know you're on the right track when you start getting more appointments and positive feedback from patients. These are just some of the components of a successful campaign.

So why should you incorporate social media into your digital strategy? For one, it's a cost-effective way of promoting your healthcare services. You only pay for clicks, impressions, or downloads. But more importantly, campaign performance is measurable, so you can determine whether your ad spend is being maximized.

Benefits of Social Media Marketing


Expand your medical practice’s reach
Healthcare social media marketing helps you reach millions
Boost health awareness among patients
Show patients the value of health services
Increase relevant traffic to your medical site
Lead prospective patients to your website for bookings
Keep patients in the loop
Share updates on medical news and developments
Streamline your hospital’s advertising efforts
Optimize and simplify your medical marketing campaigns
Have meaningful conversations with patients
Answer health questions and direct patients to credible sources
Become a recognized medical provider
Build your reputation in the medical community
Build a community for patients
Recovering patients can join online groups for support
Our Social Media Marketing Process


Our medical SEO services are a true team effort. From planning to execution, TDPLabs departments collaborate to achieve a well-planned, cohesive, and effective outcome.

During this phase of the process, our tasks include:

  • Market Research
  • Competitor Analysis

Gathering data and insight allows us to plan your campaign and lay the foundations for your social presence. When conducting research, our team will perform a strategic analysis to identify new opportunities and potential threats from competitors in the health industry. This will help us craft a winning strategy for your medical practice.

During campaign setup, we will create your official social media accounts or update existing ones. Our team will make sure that your medical organization’s name, address, and phone numbers (NAPs) are listed accurately on your website and social media platforms. We will set up your ad accounts with details on your timezone, currency, and preferred payment method. The team will establish your branding and create a social media playbook to serve as a guide for the proper handling of your accounts.


During this part of the process, we will take charge of the following:

  • Social Media Playbook
  • Bio Content Creation
  • Profile and Cover Photo Creation
  • Account and Ad Account Setup
Creation & Implementation

Our services at this stage include:

  • Content Calendar Creation
  • Ad Campaign Creation
  • Media Asset Design
  • Hashtag Analysis
  • Post Scheduling

After setting up your accounts, our team will start developing creatives including video content and copy geared at social media marketing in healthcare. All of your social media posts will be tailored to your brand and business goals. Our team will also create a posting schedule to keep your posts timely and organized.

Once your medical social media marketing campaign is up and running, we’ll send a detailed report and make recommendations to ensure optimal performance. This report includes the number of posts, post reach, page views, and other information for a specific timeframe. We will tweak your campaign using relevant data to help you maximize ROI.


Our deliverables during this phase include:

  • Performance Report and Recommendations
Choose Your SEO Plan


  • package icon
    Package: Tier 1
    • Campaign setup and social media engagement
    • Our team will create a social media calendar, develop creatives, and publish content on your page.
    • Clients who want to connect with patients and start building their social presence.
    • 1 month setup, 6 months management
  • package icon
    Package: Tier 2
    • Campaign monitoring and optimization
    • We will manage your social media campaign and send monthly performance reports with insights and recommendations.
    • Clients who want to create a highly targeted social media campaign
    • 1 month setup and 6 months management
  • package icon
    Package: Tier 3
    • Increased brand awareness and extended reach
    • This package includes content creation for an extended target audience with our team tracking and monitoring engagement and reach.
    • Clients who want maximum exposure on social media platforms
    • 1 month setup, 6 months management


Our social media marketing packages include six months worth of account setup and management. You should start to see an uptick in social engagement and activity as your campaign gains momentum. However, keep in mind that healthcare social media marketing is a continuous process that takes months or years of consistent effort.

Medical providers should be on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn to reach a large but targeted audience. These platforms have hundreds of millions of active daily users who rely on social media for finding local healthcare services and business information. A social media marketing expert can help you develop a deeper knowledge of your audience based on demographic information and other targeting methods for a more focused approach to your campaigns.

There are many ways to measure campaign performance. The number of followers, fans, or likes are just the tip of the iceberg. Key metrics typically include reach, impressions, and more. When measuring the success of your social media campaigns, it’s best to focus on metrics and data that are tied to your goals.

A social media post can contain text, a photo, or a link that can spark a conversation or share business and industry updates with your followers. A social media ad is a paid ad in which the platform charges the business for each click, impression, or view. Businesses are not charged for views, clicks, or comments on a social media post.

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